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COR Foundation creates free shareable content around current topics, themes, ideas, issues, people, non-profits, and organizations. We utilize multiple mediums such as video, photo, and podcasts to help deliver engaging content to people around the world. Our content is intended to be informative, fun, and help inspire people to engage in their passions or interests.

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COR Foundation encourages collaboration amongst multiple industries. It is when great minds come together from different walks of life that real innovative change can take place. With this in mind, one of our main goals is to build a community of creatives and provide opportunities to share their passion, skills, network, and be apart of a diverse group of change makers.

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It is so important to get people involved. Especially established entities who are in a position to create lasting impact. When other companies connect with COR Foundation they are taking an active role in shaping our future, and inspiring people to want to do more with them. Sponsors and partnerships help both involved parties evolve into something greater. This sort of collaboration is crucial to the success of every individual on the planet. We are always actively developing relationships with companies, foundations, individuals, organizations, and other non-profits. Partnerships and sponsorships come in all different shapes and sizes. Get in touch with us to see what we can do together!

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