We Showcase Creativity


To Showcase and Enhance the Limitless Possibilities of the Human Potential.

This will be achieved by innovating multiple mediums to help Cure Ignorance and Enlighten and
Inspire the global community.

We believe every individual whether you are an engineer, doctor, archeologist, musician, entrepreneur, filmmaker, teacher, chef, writer, and everyone in-between is a Creative of their own craft. We are here to Celebrate and Embrace that same notion through promoting Collaboration.

What We Do


Create free shareable content around current topics, themes, ideas, issues, nonprofits, people, and organizations.


Build a community of creatives and provide opportunities to share their passion and skills, network, and be apart of a diverse group of change makers.


Develop relationships with companies, foundations, individuals, organizations, and non-profits. Partnerships and sponsorships come in all different shapes and sizes.

Donate today. Get the message out tomorrow.

COR Foundation produces both original and partnered content that showcases ideas or movements that align with our mission. We want to inspire the global community to get excited and help shape a positive future. When you donate your dollar to COR you are taking an active role to help get uncensored, helpful, and inspirational content to people around the world. In essence, becoming a producer for humanity.

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